It is a widespread belief for drivers that basic washing and waxing does wonders in maintaining the gloss of a car’s paint. It’s also common sense that simple vacuuming goes a long way toward keeping interiors clean and appealing.

But what is the key in ensuring your four-wheels buddy stays in a sleek condition? There’s way more you can do — a clean, well-maintained vehicle practically will boast a higher resale value than a clapped-out hooptie with peeling clear coat and a cabin that looks like it witnessed some better times long ago. Aside from our Red Deer auto detailing service here are some things to consider.

Prevention goes a long way

Preemptive maintenance is perhaps the best way to keep your car or truck looking brand-new. Having spray-on detailer and waterless wash products just around the corner makes it easier to keep things clean. It really only takes about 10 minutes to go around the car, do some checkup, and save significant amounts of time down the road. A little effort now can save a ton of work later.

Never skip the interior

Always pay particular attention to leather and vinyl seating surfaces. Abrasive particulates can collect here, causing damage over time as you get into and out of the vehicle. Wipe this troublesome dust away before it ever gets a chance to damage your car’s interior materials.

Hand washing is not always the right choice

Many passionate car owners fear that all the flailing scrubbers and will result in scratches, but these worries are often unfounded. The vast majority of damage, according to online sources, done to vehicle paint occurs during the washing and drying process. Though doing this by hand in your own driveway isn’t always better, especially if you’re using an old sponge that’s loaded with years of built-up grit.

Wax is usually not enough for a bright and shiny paint

Experts do agree that wax is not the magical wand that makes your car shiny. Prep work is critical to achieving a deep, rich finish. If the exterior paint is peeling or shows some signs of wear and tear, covering this mess with even the highest-quality paint won’t result in a satisfactory job. Yet, if you properly prepare these surfaces, even the cheapest coating will give good results.

Little is often quite enough

You are always going to leave the same amount of protection behind – only so much product remains on the paint’s surface. If you slather the car with wax it takes way longer to dry before you can buff it off and it can be incredibly difficult remove so really thin is usually quite enough.

Bird droppings are the arch enemy

If you let bird droppings sit on the paint for sometimes hours, sometimes a couple days, it can actually start to etch the paint If this happens, it takes lots of work to correct. The sooner you get rid of them the less damage they will potentially cause to your paint.

Tips for keeping your car looking great